“it’s evident what a difference Sarah (Richardson – Eden Valley R2W Job Coach) is making to the lives of some of our most vulnerable and isolated in the area. Great news that yet another of our customers has secured work after Sarah’s input. We were also really impressed with “The Hub”, it has a lovely atmosphere and is clearly a vital part of the community.”

Julie, Disability Employment Adviser from DWP

“The whole experience has been very good for myself and Sophie. Before entering the programme, Sophie was very shy and quiet and she avoided interaction with others. I was nervous about how Sophie would cope.

However, the programme has boosted her confidence and independence and has resulted in Sophie doing things that I would never have imagined her capable of doing. An example was when Sophie spoke to the insurance company on her own and on her own initiative.

The whole process has brought her on and will help her going forward especially in finding work.“

Sophie’s MumParent of Supported Internship Participant

She feels part of a team at work and her confidence has improved massively. Last year it was a struggle for her to start this course as she didn’t want to as she didn’t know anyone.

It was a battle to get her to go. I wanted her to do it. If she didn’t come on this course she would just be sat around the house and never go out unless she had an appointment or something.

She talks about work and she enjoys it. I can’t believe she’s thinking about working as I thought she never would!

I’m very proud of her and I’m glad she took the leap to join. She likes her advisers and that has helped as she’s not good with new people. Everything has been positive.“

MJ’s MumParent of Supported Internship Participant

“One of the things Ive noticed is that Holly has a good knowledge of food, so she will come home and say can we try this product etc. The other week Holly went shopping for the first time by herself and did this as she is completely comfortable within that environment. When I met her outside Booths once, Holly said she had to go back in and say goodbye to her friends who work there; it was so good to see that Holly has made new friendships.”

KathParent of Supported Internship Participant

“What’s it been like having Jordan in our den? We’ve been lucky with Jordan and have enjoyed his time with us. His inherent ability, interest and enjoyment – Jordan has the wherewithal to get stuck into a task given to him. He’s brought a welcome injection of enthusiasm to the studio and really used his own initiative in those tasks he’s been given. His work on the Outrageous designs was particularly memorable, and commented upon by all that viewed it.”

RossDirector, Chunky Wombat Media

“Jake has settled in well alongside all parts of our business, and he is greatly improving in all aspects of the job. He has gained so much confidence and is very keen to learn, with a great work ethic. The support that R2W offer has been fantastic, and has helped both Jake and us as a company. Throughout the internship he has been encouraged to keep pushing to achieve his dream in construction. We are proud to be able to offer Jake an apprenticeship within our company.”

JennaDirector, AP & J Brown

“Nicole has developed extremely well. I cannot believe the difference in her since starting her placement. She gets on with all the team and is now working independently. We have been happy to support the Supported Internship scheme and are happy to support it again in the future.”

ShirleyHead of Housekeeping, Abbey House Hotel

“Since I started the Supported Internship I have more confidence, I have more of a positive outlook on everything and I feel less nervous. A P & J Brown are like another family to me and are very supportive and understanding.”

JakeSupported Internship Participant

“The Right2Work Supported Internship scheme has helped with my confidence and to work as part of a team. Knowing that the Right2Work staff are there to support me, like when I need to ask questions without bothering busy staff, has been really helpful. I wouldn’t have done work experience without their support.”

RachelSupported Internship Participant

“I’d like to say how much help and care that the Right2Work Supported Internships have helped my son with confidence and coping with a new environment in a working placement.”

WendyParent of Supported Internship Participant

“I couldn’t praise this scheme enough. Cavan would often say ‘When was the last time anyone wanted me?’ Since starting the scheme I haven’t seen Cavan smile so much. He gets up and says ‘I’m going to work’ and tells other family and friends ‘I go to work’.

He has good relationships with his advisers and he feels wanted and valued at the radio station, especially as he can do the tasks he’s given and enjoys it. He never complains or says he doesn’t want to go, which is a complete U-turn from when he was at sixth form.”

Cavan’s MumParent of Supported Internship Participant