At your service

R2W Employment team continue to deliver results and a good example is Nicole. She’s been working at Abbey House Hotel, Barrow as part of our supported internships programme.

Claire Round, R2W Employment Advisor: “Nicole is doing well now completing rooms independently and working hard to complete within the set times for arrivals/ departs and stay rooms. She has her own key card and is developing in confidence. She works alongside various members of staff. There’s a lot of things to remember and she is managing this extremely well.”

The Supported Internships project runs across Cumbria in conjunction with all 4 FE Colleges. Currently the scheme has 11 students in work placements and employs a team of 9 job coaches and employment advisers. The current batch stretch back to September 2017 when the programme was rolled out across the colleges in Cumbria (Furness, Lakes, Kendal and Carlisle). Students spent the next 6 weeks with their job coaches until November 2017 when they were finally let loose into the world of work!