Education and Learning

Right2Work offers a number of different options for young people to learn & develop their skills and abilities, all of which are designed to help with finding and maintaining employment as well as supporting their independence.

Pathways to Adulthood

The Lifeskills Pathway to Adulthood is a programme of study for students with learning and other disabilities, and is tailored to individual needs and desired outcomes.

Programmes are devised with each individual student and is based on their assessed needs and development to create a personal study plan to focus on skills for independence, employment, travel, communication and social skills.

Practical tasks and subject specific activities help students acquire and develop the core organisational and behavioural skills that will be of practical benefit in the future and support their independent living.

Work Experience

Opportunities with Other Employers

Right2Work work alongside you to identify work and working environments that would best suit your skills and interests.

Many people who receive our support have never worked or not worked for many years and may need support to make informed choices about career opportunities.

Right2Work will be announcing partnerships with other employers over the next few months.

Learning at Right2Work

Furniture Warehouse

Setting clearly defined goals help to focus on achieving individual sections of the module handbook, which is given to every customer at Right2Work, with goals and progress regularly reviewed and updated.

In order to show a competent level of work skills carried out at Right2Work, individuals on work placements must display evidence to demonstrate their level of skills and understanding of the module they’re working on.

Modules currently on offer at the Furniture Warehouse in Kendal include:

  • General Workplace Skills
  • Delivery and Collection
  • Recycling
  • Furniture Refurbishing
  • Retail
  • Employability
  • Domestic Appliance Maintenance

Appleby Hub

The community cafe at the Appleby Hub provides opportunities for young people to learn about working in a commercial catering environment, as well as other transferable areas of study, including:

  • Hygiene (and Food Hygiene)
  • Stock Rotation and Storage
  • Customer Service
  • Creating a Menu
  • Numeracy
  • Teamwork
  • Communication