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In partnership with South Lakeland District Council, Right2Work provide waste collection services of large household items such as electrical goods and furniture.

Please note that collections is a paid for service – please see details below.

We are able to collect some items of furniture free of charge if they are in good condition and we are able to re-sell (profits of all sales going to support Right2Work, a community interest company).

If in any doubt about what may be suitable, please call us on 01539 758 008 and we’ll be able to advise further.

You can book the collection of a large household item by calling South Lakeland District Council on 01539 733 333. Further information can also be found on the SLDC website.

Booking a collection

When you make a collection booking through SLDC they will pass the information to us and we will contact you to ask for a little more information about them and arrange to collect them at a mutually convenient time.

Collection appointments are normally available from 8am to 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday, with evening collections until 8pm on Thursday. For your convenience, you can opt to receive a text message from Right2Work so you know when the collectors are on their way.

Right2Work collectors will provide proof of identification so that you know they are authorised to remove your items. If you have any doubt about the identification of the collectors please call SLDC on 01539 733 333 or Right2Work on 01539 758 008. You should not allow any persons to enter your home or collect your items unless you are sure of their identity.

Payment is required when you make your collection request through SLDC. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, cheque or postal order. The Right2Work collectors are only able to accept the items that have been booked and paid for. They will not be able to accept any other items or donations.

Collections can be made from inside your home, or from outside the property. The goods must be dry at time of collection, otherwise they may be irreparably damaged and not fit for recycling.


A single collection, of up to three items, costs £25.00

Extra items cost £8.00 per item, up to a maximum of ten items. For example:

  • a mattress would count as one item and cost £25.00
  • a mattress, a bed, a chair and a sofa would count as four items and cost £33.00 (£25.00 plus £8.00)
  • ten items would be £81.00 (£25.00 for first three items, then seven items at £8.00 each)

What will happen to your item?

Where possible, collected items will be refurbished, repaired, recycled or ‘up-cycled’ and made available for sale at The Furniture Warehouse, Dockray Hall Mill, Kendal.