“I Can do it” – Supported Internships brochure

Taking those initial steps on the journey into employment is never straightforward –and it can be harder for some young people. That’s why Right2Work (R2W) is making that transition a bit smoother through Supported Internships.

How does that work then?

In Cumbria many young people with an Education and Health Care Plan are looking to progress from college into getting a job.  It can be hard to get a job and that is where R2W and one of the 4 FE colleges working together can provide the support needed.

From September 2013, all young people (16-24), including those with a Learning Difficulty Assessment, or an Education Health and Care plan should be offered a study programme.

Why Supported Internships? – they can be a good way of having a study programme that helps get a job. What makes them different is

  • most of the learning is done at work and some in college.
  • you learn on the job in a work environment that provides personal learning and development.
  • It’s about looking at the young person as a whole –so your job advisor may end up helping with things well beyond employment issues – a holistic approach as you will see from the examples in this brochure.

We have produced a brand new brochure for 2019 which is packed with latest case studies – click on the link below to find out more

I can do it March 2019 Update WEB

The first SI brochure came out last year (2018) which has some different examples but all useful when thinking about your choices – see below:

I can do it June 2018 WEB friendly version