Preparation for Adulthood (including Learning2Live)

This is a useful infographic that CCC have produced – R2W are part of this journey.


Across R2W we already work preparing individuals for adulthood through some of our existing projects. We are currently working in partnership with Cumbria County Council and Signature Supported Housing developing a new project called Learning2Live.

In response to a need for more options for young people with learning disabilities in transition from school to adulthood; Right2Work and Oaklea have developed a unique concept. A specialist provision that offers a high standard of education and care for students aged 18 to 25 years with an Education Health and Care Plan.

Our Learning2Live project is specifically designed to develop young people’s personal, social and transferable skills to enable them to better live and work within their local communities.

Our first Learning2Live project will be situated in Windermere, in the heart of the Lake District, where we will be supporting learners over the course of the three-year programme to gain the skills and confidence they need to move onto the next stage in their lives, whether that is gaining employment, moving towards more independent living or progressing to further study.

Our commitment to providing high quality and person-centred education and care using specialist approaches and individual learning programmes, utilising our unique on-site learning and supported living facilities, provided by our partners at Signature Supported Housing.

Learners on the programme with an Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP) will be offered the opportunity to participate in a full and active curriculum: promoting, supporting and challenging them to make progress and achieve their fullest potential.

Our person-centred approach provides individualised learning programmes developed to effectively match their needs, personal decisions and aspirations, with a focus on daily living skills, vocational qualifications or more independent living.

Find out more here in our current brochure Learning2Live Brochure WEB

What we are doing

Learning2Live Curriculum -proposed

(Please note this is just the proposed draft curriculum -Sept 2020 to give prospective learners an idea of what is planned)

What Learners can expect:

  • To choose from a broad offering of subjects so each learner can develop their own curriculum to meet their developing needs.
  • To develop living skills and independence through a practical and community based curriculum, designed to build confidence in a manner of settings
  • To develop functional communication skills
  • To develop a sense of self and how interpersonal skills can be developed with successful community living and working in mind
  • To be challenged in the pursuit of personal growth
  • To be encouraged to become active participants
  • To become equipped with the most appropriate, relevant and recognized accreditations
  • To enjoy a host of enrichment activities and therapies where appropriate

Core curriculum

The Learning2Live curriculum is built around three key areas.

  • Personal Development
  • Further Education and Accreditation
  • Work experience & Employability

These themes are woven into all three years of the course, yet each aspect receives a sharper focus as leaners progress through the course on an annual themed basis. The course has been specifically designed in terms of size and family feel to allow a smooth transition onto the course and to ensure each learner receives as much support as possible across all fronts.

This is achieved through around the clock care to facilitate and support personal development, through the introduction of suitably qualified and experienced academic tutors to ensure choice and flexibility through an academic pathway. And through the highly regarded and well-established employability and work experience channels that R2W have developed so successfully.

The Open Award Scheme has been specifically chosen as our academic pathway for a number of reasons but most notably due to their relevance to our learners needs, due to their accreditation status from an employers perspective and due to the flexibility and choice it allows our tutors and therefore leaners as they navigate through a bespoke academic program both in terms of level and content.

The Open Awards

YEAR 1 – A Smooth Transition towards Living Independently

The Learning2Live team’s primary objective will be to ensure the transition onto the course is as smooth and successful as possible. The focus on Living Independently will allow our pastoral team to acclimatize our learner to their new environment and first-rate facilities whilst introducing a choice of enrichment and therapeutic options as appropriate. It also allows our tutors ample time to begin relevant work around Living Independently through our Open Award Scheme.

Year 1 Open Awards Entry Level 3

Accreditation: Extended Certificate for Further Learning and Employment

Focus: Living Independently

Example Topics :

  • Personal Health
  • Maintaining an Area of Habitat
  • Food, Drink and Cooking
  • Introduction to Library Skills
  • Computer and On-line basics

YEAR 2 – The Exciting Possibilities of Employment

As our Learners become more settled both in their environment and with their tutors, they can further explore their own aspirations. This includes continued progress through the academic Open Awards pathway, gaining further accreditation as a level best suited to the learner, whilst beginning to explore the possibilities of employment. This might be the beginnings of a better understanding of what employment might entail or require or it may well be a leap straight onto a supported internship and the exciting pathways The R2W scheme already has in place.

Year 2  Open Awards Entry Level 3

Accreditation: Extended Certificate for Further Learning and Employment

Focus: Employability

Example Topics:

  • Personal Action Planning
  • Employment Skills
  • Applying for Jobs & Courses
  • Curriculum Vitae Writing
  • Skills for gaining Employment

YEAR 3 – Choices, choices, choices; Higher Education or continued Employment

In their final year, learners will be continuing their personal development in terms of living independently and having established a better understanding of their community and how they can best become a part of it. They will have also built the necessary skills and support to seek, secure and successfully contribute to the world of employment. At this stage they, alongside their pastoral and academic support teams, they are set to decide for themselves whether they would like to focus their final year efforts on further education or further employment.

Year 3 -Open Awards Level 1

Accreditation: Certificate

Focus: Bespoke to the Learner

Example Topics:

  • Developing Own Interpersonal Skills
  • Specific courses under the following areas
  • Employability / Health & Wellbeing / Literacy, Numeracy & ICT
  • Animal Care / Building & Construction / Business Admin
  • Catering & Hospitality / Customer Service / Digital Skills / Hair & Beauty

To discuss any of the above drop James an email

Learning2Live - South Lakes

We are working with Cheshire based ‘Signature Supported Housing’ to develop this. In early 2020 we agreed the way forward.

Update February 2021 – New Prospectus launched!

You can request a hard copy via or T:01539 735025

Or of course just download a copy here L2L Prospectus – Webfriendly

Life skills at R2W

Here at R2W we offer sessions on ‘Life skills’ – these are held at our Kendal Mintsfeet base and can include things like how to make your bed, washing clothes etc. We have a purpose built room for this.

The work here has attracted high profile visits – like this from representatives of Cumbria Community Foundation (CCF) and Westmorland Family Ltd in January 2020 (below)

And the then High Sheriff of Cumbria in October 2018 (below).

Our Employment Team are also able to assist with job skills, writing a CV and what the world of work can involve.

Outdoor Learning

As part of our offer we will also be working in conjunction with other local partners to showcase the ‘outdoor learning’ environment option.

Lowther Castle Estates

We have a good relationship with the team at Lowther – earlier this year we held an employability awards to recognise the achievements of learners – using horticulture and outdoor learning to increase life skills and so forth.

Learner Robert enjoyed seeing examples of his work on display.

People stories - Jen & Andy

Jen & Andy are a great example of the work R2W and Oaklea have done both in terms of employment and training and making the transition to having their own tenancy.

Earlier in 2020 we followed them into their first home – read their story here

Preparation for Adulthood activity blog

Preparation for Adulthood Virtual Fair 5-9 October

In October we participated in the Cumbria Preparation for Adulthood Virtual Fair.

CCC launched this web page which hosted the fair, it includes basic information about which organisations are participating in the fair and list of webinars currently scheduled.

R2W Director Sue Green was a keynote speaker (Thurs 8 October 1300-1400): “We’re looking forward to taking part in and will be one of over 50 organisations involved. We’d encourage any young people and families thinking about the future to take a look at the above page!” Plus R2W Regional Manager Pete Bradbury will be introducing our offer on Tuesday 6 October 1400-1500.

For details on any of the Right2Work Preparation for Adulthood programmes, please get in touch on 01539 885 055 or email our employment team at: