Work Experience with Right2Work

Many potential job seekers use a number of areas such as traditional day services, some attend job centres or receive support from health and social care agencies. At Right2Work we maintain close links with a wide range of referring agencies and seek to encourage people to explore employment as a way of improving their quality of life.

Right2Work are a Cumbria County Council approved provider of day opportunities, with work experience available at the Furniture Warehouse in Kendal and at the Appleby Hub.

Day placement positions within an overall team of nearly 41 people.

Participants at the Furniture Warehouse receive modular training in general workplace skills as well as retail, furniture delivery and collection, recycling, refurbishing (including upholstery) and domestic appliance repair.

At the Appleby Hub, the work experience is focused on customer service, food preparation, food hygiene, communication and numeracy.

Vocational Profiling

The first element of a successful job match is the vocational profiling or “getting to know you” process. Here we identify the aspirations, learning needs, individual skills, past experiences and job interests of the job seeker. Working with families and individuals own networks, we gather the information needed to develop a good job match. We look to identify the ideal job for the job seeker based on their skills and preferences.

Interview Support and Preparation

We will provide you with support and coaching that focuses on attending interviews. This coaching will look at a number of key areas that include:

  • key questions you may be asked
  • discussing your skills and important points about you
  • what to expect in an interview
  • overcoming barriers to employment

Job Coaching

Right2Work provide one to one job coaching within the work place. The job coach will work alongside you identifying the individual tasks that make up your job and ensuring that you are able to undertake these tasks to the best of your ability. The job coach will also work alongside the employer/manager to provide regular reviews and updates as to your progress based on the pre-agreed tasks that were set down at the start of the job/placement.

Opportunities with other employers

We work alongside you to identify work and working environments that would best suit your skills and interests. Many people who receive our support have never worked or not worked for many years and may need support to make informed choices about career opportunities.

We will be announcing partnerships with other employers over the next few months.

Work experience FAQs

Can I volunteer at Right2Work?

Yes! We love to hear from prospective volunteers. Right2Work currently has 5 active volunteers who undertake various roles including admin support, retail support, one-to-one customer support, recycling and waste support, and training and classroom support.

How many hours per week does work experience cover?

This depends on the specific role and also on the availability of the participant. Some work experience is full time (approx 35 hours per week) whilst others may be split over a number of days, perhaps four hours per day.

The Right2Work team will be able to advise on specifics and also on what hours may be suitable for each participant.

How does Right2Work plan to grow?

In the future, we aim to develop more Community Interest Companies in different sectors. The aim of these new companies will be focused on employment, training and the personal development of participants. The areas of activity are anticipated to include catering and hospitality, furniture recycling, up-cycling and retail, and gardening and landscaping.

Is work experience a qualification?

Although work experience is not a recognised qualification, it is a great opportunity for participants to prove their abilities in the workplace and something which any future employer is sure to look upon favourably.

Will participants be provided with appropriate work clothing?

This will depend on the nature of the work experience and the activities that are being undertaken. If specific safety clothing is required, then this is normally provided. For customer-facing roles, the general requirement is for smart appearance and that the participant provides their own clothes.

If the role requires a specific uniform, then this is normally provided.